Make better music.

Free audio converter for Windows & macOS


In the past we always found it difficult to find an audio converter that will convert between different formats and bit depths, quickly and easily, and most importantly : for free!  So to remedy that situation we developed this simple little tool that will let you convert your audio files between different formats and/or bit depths, with an easy to use interface:
  1. Drag your files onto the window
  2. Choose your output format
  3. Click convert and choose where the converted files will be saved
  4. ???
  5. Profit

Get the Windows Installer or macOS DiskImage and enjoy easy conversion between WAV/AIFF/MP3*/OGG/FLAC for free.

*MP3 encoding requires the LAME binary.  The Windows version comes bundled with it, but macOS requires a little more work, see the included manual for details.