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The follow rule technique for controlled chaos!

Wed, 19th of Jul, 2023

Many moons ago, I was initiated into a fascinating process, the so-called Ableton Live "follow rule technique" for creating captivating grid-style leads and effects by the legendary Ajja. Recently, Tristan, in his masterclass for _Futurephonic[1], shared this technique in great detail. It's an incredible method, but there's one caveat: it relies on using Ableton Live!

For those of us who prefer different digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Cubase / Logic / Bitwig / et al, switching over to Live disrupts our creative flow. Additionally, having to perform actions out of context to our tracks and then importing them back as audio clips is inconvenient. Not to mention, you need to own an Ableton Live license for this process.

Recognising these pain points, I embarked on a mission to develop a solution. This led to the creation of the illegalMachine VST/AU plugin, designed to work seamlessly with all DAWs and platforms.

The illegalMachine plugin builds upon the core concept of the follow rule, taking it to the next level of flexibility and creativity. By introducing separate sample, amplitude, pitch, filter, and effect send "lanes," the situation arises for creating near infinite variation in your leads, grids, and effects, meaning the creative possibilities are endless. Even Ableton Live users will find this plugin to be a game changer.

Key Features of the illegalMachine VST/AU Plugin:

  • Separate lanes for sample / amplitude / pitch / filter / effects:
    Reach near-infinite variety in your sounds by utilising the independent lengths of each lane.
  • Extensive Modulation Matrix:
    Enjoy unparalleled control over your sound with an extensive modulation matrix, allowing you to shape and evolve your audio precisely.
  • Five LFOs:
    Take your modulation to the next level with five LFOs, some of which are capable of operating at audio rate, adding intricate movement to your sounds.
  • Insert Effects for Samples:
    Elevate your sample manipulation with insert effects that can be applied directly to your source sounds, giving you greater sonic versatility.
  • Advanced Sample Playback:
    Enjoy forward and reverse playback, time-stretching, and looping capabilities, expanding your creative potential.
  • Macro Controls:
    Streamline your workflow by automating multiple parameters simultaneously using macro controls, empowering you to experiment and evolve your sound.

The illegalMachine VST/AU plugin revolutionises music production by democratising the Ableton Live "follow rule" technique. Regardless of your preferred DAW, you can now harness the power of this method within your creative process. With its extensive modulation capabilities, audio-rate LFOs, insert effects, arpeggiator, advanced sample playback features, and macro controls, the illegalMachine plugin empowers producers to explore new sonic territories and push the boundaries of their music.

Mark your calendars for the 26th of July and be prepared to elevate your music production with the illegalMachine VST/AU plugin. Unleash your creativity and unlock infinite possibilities with this groundbreaking tool.

[1] _Futurephonic - for those interested, you can watch a video demonstration by Tristan of the technique shared by _Futurephonic on Facebook here. Skip to 18 minutes and 38 seconds for the relevant part.